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Aurélien and Claudia are two inveterate gamers, and I wanted to surprise them by turning their old Expedit into a Consoles’ kingdom! :D

This Expedit has 8 spaces on two rows, I chose to display the consoles in the four spaces in the middle. On the sides of the first row I put two drawers to put away all video games.
On the lower part, I put two doors to keep accessories such as guitars, maracas and joypad safe from dust and to put them within easy reach. :)

Hacking (or rather customizing) the famous Ikea Expedit is (for now) my most challenging creation! :)
This tutorial works on both Expedit and Kallax!


You need

Here is the list of what I used (the strange names are Ikea’s stuff!)

- Expedit (or Kallax);
- 2 Expedit insert with 2 drawers (or Kallax);
- 2 Expedit insert with door (or Kallax);
- 4 Gladsax;
- 4 shelf insert Variera;
- Hinges, screws and lock nuts to fix the Gladsax;
- Wooden stick to make the door knobs;
- Double-sided tape (strong) to attach the door knobs to the Gladsax;
- White acrylic;
- Black varnish;
- Metal file;
- The drawers and doors’ cardboard packaging;
- Cutter, pencil, ruler and a lot of patience!


I started with the easy part: put together the drawers and doors. So far so good. :)

The challenge was to fix the Gladsax, to get a sort of display cabinet. Originally, the Gladsax is born to be a frame for an LP cover… ;)
In theory, a Gladsax fit exactly in a Expedit space, but in practice, it’s another story! :D
First of all, I cut the hinge of the right size, in order to fit it to the height of the Gladsax.
Then I fixed one side of the hinge to the Gladsax with two screws and two lock nuts. And I fixed the other side of the hinge to the Expedit, with some wood screws.
Everything went smoothly… for only one door on four! I had some difficulties with the other doors because of the thickness of the hinge and due to some irregularities of the Expedit. Minimal irregularities, but enough to make me smooth the Gladsax’s corners. Then, I repainted the corners with black varnish.
I must admit, Aurélien helped me a lot in this tedious step! :D

While me and Aurélien had fun with the Gladsax, Claudia has used the cardboard packaging to close the back of the Expedit. She has resized them and cut out a space to pass the cables.

Now it’s time to make the door knobs! I bought a cylindrical stick of wood, with a diameter of about 1 cm. and I cut four pieces. The stick was 2 meters long, I used less than 10 cm… But no problem, I will use it in a future tutorial!
I painted the door knobs in white and I fixed them on the Gladsax. I used a strong double-sided tape. I was a little insecure about the double-sided tape, but it works! :)

Finally, that’s the moment to display the consoles! I used the shelves Variera to be able to put two console in each space.
I put labels on the cables to recognize them easily.

Once the Expedit tidied up, Claudia and Aurélien felt compelled to try all the consoles… ;)

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6 thoughts on “Tutorial – Ikea Hack – Retro Gaming Cabinet

  1. J.C on August 2, 2016 at 13:23

    Trop bien !!! je vais faire pareil chez moi, c’est exactement ce que je cherche pour mon salon !!!!

    Merci Strawverry Unicorn



    • Strawberry Unicorn on August 3, 2016 at 17:08

      Merci à vous J.C,
      N’hésitez pas à nous envoyer les photos de votre oeuvre! :)

  2. Michele on August 14, 2016 at 17:17

    meraviglia, possibile trovare qualcuno che lo faccia su commissione?

    • Strawberry Unicorn on September 4, 2016 at 14:19

      Ciao Michele!

      Grazie per il tuo interesse nel nostro tutorial!

      L’unica idea che mi viene in mente per trovare qualcuno per aiutarti è condividere il nostro post sui social…
      Chissà, magari un amico di un amico di un amico potrà darti una mano! ;)

      Se hai bisogno di chiarimenti sulla realizzazione siamo virtualmente qui a disposizione!

  3. Jason on August 26, 2016 at 15:37

    This looks awesome! One question though: could you share what hinge you used for this? I got the Gladsax to try this and the smallest hinge I could find, but it’s still too thick so the Gladsax doesn’t close (ie it doesn’t fit into the Expedite square once the hinge is added to the side). Not sure if you have suggestions or more detailed pictures on what you did?


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