Tutorial – Gift idea: Craft supplies box


If you are reading this article, you are looking for a Christmas gift idea.
But not a ordinary idea, you are looking for a fresh idea that only Strawberry Unicorn can give you! :D

What do you think about giving THE perfect little crafter’s kit? Accompanied by its custom double-sided sketchbook!

And… between you and me… it will please the person that receives it, but you will also really have fun making this gift! ;)


You need

For the box:
- a box to decorate
- paint and brushes
- rhinestones (optional)
- some crafting supplies (stickers, stamps, pencils, colored feathers, pom-pom…)

For the sketchbook:
- white and colored paper, graph paper, all the paper you want actually! :D
- scissors or cutter
- spiral binder (you can also bind it at the bookseller or at the stationer)
- thick cardboard to make the front and back covers
- felt pens
- and your magic hands :D


Let’s start by decorating the box.
Having four nieces of about the same age, I chose four star-shaped boxes. I painted their names on the cover and I added some colored lines on the sides.

For the final touch, I added some super shiny rhinestones, it’s always a safe bet. :D

That way, each one will have its own little magic box full of amazing stuff; no jealousy or fighting!

But where can they give free rein to so much imagination and creativity? On the small sketchbook of course!
I cut the various paper sheets in half to make four super colorful sketchbooks, eager to be filled with feathers, glue and stickers. :D

What are you waiting for? This year, offer a gift full of imagination!

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