Tutorial – Chalkboard coffee table ikea hack


Hey! Your favourite Strawberry Unicorn is back with an home decor idea just for you! :D
After the success of our retro gaming cabinet, today I show you another Ikea hack: a funny Lack coffee table makeover!

I was so tired of seeing my table disfigured by years of mistreatment… Between the scratches of precision knife done by Claudia while crafting, and the infiltrated water caused by all the glasses that Aurélien lays everywhere, the surface of the table was completely wrecked!

So, with some elbow grease, I sanded the table with no mercy, then I gave it a new life with a stylish chalkboard paint! Now, with some colored chalks, we can change the room style whenever we want in just two minutes! ;)


You need

- Ikea Lack Coffee table
- sander (but if you don’t have it, you can use sandpaper… and an additional bucket of elbow grease!)
- sponge
- masking tape
- chalkboard paint
- brush
- sandpaper
- colored chalks


First, I started by sanding the table top, then Aurélien, moved with compassion, took the sander and made it smooth in 30 seconds. :D

Then with a damp sponge I removed all the dust, and I put the masking tape along the edges of the table.
Claudia gave two or three coats of paint. Between each coat, let it dry and smooth gently with sandpaper.

Once dry, you can have fun with chalks!
Now we can change our living room style everyday, just using a damp sponge to wipe the table… Even black it looks amazing! :)
The last thing to do is to change our wallpaper… Because it’s so ugly that you can’t look at it, even in the dark! :P

And you, what are you waiting for? We want to see your table!

See you for the next tutorial!

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