Tutorial – Handmade pig bag


Ta-daaaa ! My first bag! Will it be a super fashion bag? Or maybe will it be a really shiny bag full of strass? Something like that if Prada see it, he’ll copy me? :D Ok, are you ready to see this amazing bag?

It’s a PIG bag! Oink oink of [...]

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Tutorial – Folding jewelry organizer


Hello dear unicorns! Today I propose a tutorial to make your very own jewelry organizer ^^ I did one for the Christmas Market that is coming very soon (this weekend!). I must say I am very satisfied with the result :) It has three folding doors, so [...]

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Tutorial – Cardboard cat bed


* 1,053 cm2 … Near the heater … With view on the fridge. I take it!

This is Grace Cat, a very sophisticated cat, who knows what she wants! :D

In this tutorial I build her a simple little house using recycled materials. If you want to try [...]

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