Tutorial – Gift idea: Craft supplies box


If you are reading this article, you are looking for a Christmas gift idea.
But not a ordinary idea, you are looking for a fresh idea that only Strawberry Unicorn can give you! :D

What do you think about giving THE perfect little crafter’s kit? Accompanied by its custom double-sided sketchbook!

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Tutorial – Ikea Hack – Retro Gaming Cabinet


Aurélien and Claudia are two inveterate gamers, and I wanted to surprise them by turning their old Expedit into a Consoles’ kingdom! :D

Hacking (or rather customizing) the famous Ikea Expedit is (for now) my most challenging creation! :)
This tutorial works on both Expedit and Kallax!

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Tutorial – Halloween upcycle ideas


In this video tutorial, I show you three crafting ideas to have a perfect Halloween party!
From toilet paper tubes, we will craft mysterious treat boxes, some glow in the dark decorations and super easy confetti poppers!

Three fantastic upcycle ideas for an amazing Halloween and a scary crafternoon!

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