Mokume beads – Set of 6


Make your own jewelry with my mokume-gane beads! They are all different and unique and contain pieces of gold or silver paper visible here and there … to discover!

Info: polymer clay, diameter about 1.2 cm.

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Jewelry Pizza collection


A pizza party with friends and you do not know what to wear? Why not try something original … but with taste? This jewelry is perfect for a funny evening with your friends!

Info ring: plate in porcelain, knife in plastic, pizza in polymer clay. Adjustable ring nickel free. Diameter of the plate about 2.2 [...]

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Slice of cake ring


You want something sweet, without feeling guilty for the calories? This ring is the perfect little attention for you! You can put it as many times as you want without ever put on weight, word of Strawberry Unicorn!

Info: plate in porcelain, fork in plastic, slice of cake in polymer clay. Adjustable ring nickel free. [...]

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Jewelry Lego collection


Big surprise in the basement: a box full of old Lego! How to resist the temptation to turn them into jewelry?

In fact … I could not resist! :D Armed with patience, I drilled, washed, dried and mounted them in earrings, necklaces and bracelets!

My favorites are the bracelets with the [...]

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Nintendo 64 Pikachu


Time for a drastic cleaning in the house! This time, we said “let’s do things well and bring everything at a flea market.” No sooner said than done.

Loaded of cardboard boxes, we participated in a market near us. And of course, we came back with more things than before! :) [...]

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Jewelry cinema collection


A cinema evening? The perfect opportunity to wear these popcorn earrings! Did you see how they are realistic? Ok, I admit, there’s a trick: it’s real corn! I only covered it with a layer of gloss spray, the rest was done by Mother Nature. :) The popcorn is in polymer clay, [...]

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Mini clothespins earrings


I’ve always liked small clothespins, they are very cute to close a gift package, or to leave a message on a small piece of paper. I decided to find them a new life: thus was born the mini clothespins collection.

Info: hand painted wood, earrings hooks nickel free, clothespins length about 2.5 cm.

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