Tetris nail art


Another amazing find at the flea market!

After the Nintendo 64 Pikachu, we found a Game Boy in very good condition, including Tetris! You should have seen Claudia’s face when she found it, she could not believe it… And you should have seen her face when Aurélien bargained over the price [...]

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Skull Earrings (glow in the dark!)


Perfect for going to a concert, to give to a “dark” friend, definitely hit the spot for Halloween! Skulls painted with a gel that glows in the dark! In the eyes I put two small strass and some glitters around.

Infos: polymer clay, earrings hooks nickel free.

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Jewelry collection strawberry candies


When I started to create these earrings, the idea was to inspire me of candies, chic candies! Each bead has four small strass which gives it a touch of light, the white bead surmounted by the red bead reminds whipped cream and the cherry on the cake :) Perfect for those [...]

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Flower cat jewelry display


Keep in order your jewelry with style! These kittens are practical and colorful!

Infos: wooden templates decorated with the decoupage technique and hand painted. Height about 11cm, width about 16.5 cm (for the standing cat), height about 16cm, width about 10cm (for the sitted cat), base diameter about 10cm For shipping purposes, the cat will be [...]

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Jewelry Licorice collection


I’m very attached to my childhood, and with this licorice earring, I feel like traveling in the past, back when my grandparent was giving me this candy. Also available in ring and bracelet.

Infos: licorice in polymer clay, earrings hooks nickel free, length about 3.5 cm.

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Jewelry Macarons collection


In France, I discover these colorful and delicious cookies, enthusiastic, I wanted to turn them into earrings! Also available in charms, to attach to bracelets, phones, zip … Macarons everywhere!

Infos: macarons in polymer clay, earrings hooks nickel free, macarons size about 1cm.

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Jewelry Mokume collection (yellow)


Simple but elegant, each piece made with the mokume-gane technique is unique. Also available in ring.

Info earrings: polymer clay, nickel free, dominant colors : yellow, black, white. Info ring: polymer clay, adjustable ring, nickel free, dominant colors : yellow, black, white.

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Mini ladybugs nail art – Set of 5


Who would not want some luck always at your fingertips? Fortunately Strawberry Unicorn think about it! :) You can use these micro ladybugs to make nail art, or to decorate what you like!

Infos: polymer clay, hand-painted, size about 3mm.

I sell these ladybugs in a set of 5, but if [...]

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