Annecy Festival 2013


The Annecy animation festival is at the door!

We are getting us armed to the teeth of business cards to launch like shuriken! :)
Claudia has almost lost a finger preparing the badges while Aurélien ordered the t-shirts!

We hope to meet future collaborators to give life to our ambitious Work In Progress!

Stay tuned!


The festival week was really intense!
You do not know the Annecy Animation Festival? I let them explain you what it is:

Finally we recovered from the exhausting schedules of the festival and we’re back to give you a brief summary.
First, the Strawberry Unicorn t-shirts had a great success, so much that they were photographed, more or less discreetly, while we lined up for screenings! :D


It was a very positive experience, full of interesting meetings with eventual future collaborators, without forgetting old friends who live scattered around the world and whom, thanks to the festival, we’ve met again in Annecy!
There were also a few close encounters of the third kind, here is an example:


And then, and then … little moments of brainstorming about our projects and many interesting projections!
The most interesting (for both of us, geek technicians) were the work in progress sessions of “How to train your dragon 2″ (Dreamworks), where we saw some footage of the film, from the storyboard, to the various stages of animation (and there, Claudia was struck from Stendhal syndrome) ending with the final rendering (where Aurélien began to drool).
We are really looking forward to seeing the movie! In the meantime, we got the poster and the artbook signed :)


After “How to train your dragon”, we saw the making of “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2″ (Sony), which promises to be very funny! :) The animation style is very interesting, Stendhal was again present in this new projection.

Then, “Get a horse!” (Disney), a short film capable of unifying the “old school” and “new school”. ;)


And finally, the immancable Renderman conference (Pixar), in which we discovered the short film “Blue Umbrella” wherein the rendering reached a level of photorealism really impressive.


At the conference there was also the legendary Walking Teapot:


But that’s not all! Hear ye hear ye … Claudia won the Monster University sweat-shirt!


This luck has been rebalanced by the breakdown of the washing machine once at home… :’(
Apart the washing machine, it was a great experience that we recommend to all lovers of animation, there’s something for everyone, from major studios to author’s short films!

To return to Strawberry Unicorn, we hope that this festival will bring us luck because we are at the beginning of this adventure, and that the cards we’ve thrown like shuriken will remain firmly planted on our goals! :D
We do not keep our fingers crossed because we can no longer type on the keyboard, but do it for us! :D See you soon!

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