I love to have fun, and you?

There are so much grey things in the world, I thought to myself “OK! I’ll throw a bucket of colours in this chaos!”

My bucket of color consist in creating stories, told through applications, video games, interactive books, comics, video clips, web sites; without forgetting the Blog, a meeting place to discuss and exchange ideas and opinions on creativity in all its forms. :)

Let me introduce you to my human colleagues, Aurélien and Claudia!

Aurélien is a software developer who is interested in everything!
He loves web development but is also aimed at mobile development which is booming.
His professional experiences are varied: he worked in web agencies, animation studios and video games studios.
His greatest passion is photography.
For more information, you can take a look at his website: aurelien.kochalski.fr

Claudia has always thousands of ideas she would like to see come to life!
Geek to the core, as a child she always loved especially animation movies.
His career path is zigzag in different creative fields;
after graduating in Art, she has worked as a web designer,
but the animation world was still going through her mind, so she resumed her studies.
After completing the three-year period of study with his graduation film Tora Chan, she began working in several 3D animation studios.
His great passion is the coffee, and, as an Italian, eat well!

Aurélien and Claudia have skills that overlap, namely:
- Project design (concept, storyboard, script)
- Character design
- Illustration
- Painting
- 3D Animation
- Video
- Graphics
- Arts and crafts
- Photography
- Websites (sketches, development, integration, SEO)
- Cross-platform mobile development (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc …)
- Project management

And I, Strawberry Unicorn, I coordinate the studio adding my personal touch of madness! :)